Peter O'Neill

Numu joins Govt

The PNG One Nation Party Leader was welcomed on Wednesday by Prime Minister James Marape and coalition members.

“I am happy that Governor Numu is making that call at this juncture in this Parliaments life, and this sort of affirmation of solidarity gives certainty t our Government to hold fort until we conclude this term of parliament,” said Marape.

Numu joins the coalition Government after leaving the Government rans under the former coalition led by   Ialibu-Pangi MP, Peter O’Neill.

Lawyer representing O’Neill arrested, charged

Acting Commissioner of Police, David Manning, said the principal lawyer of NiuAge Lawyers, along with a Waigani Court Registry Clerk, were both arrested and charged for the following offences:

Criminal complaint lodged against Kramer: O’Neill

In a statement released today, former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the complaint, filed today with the Royal PNG Constabulary Metropolitan Superintendent, seeks a full criminal investigation into the actions of Kramer on allegations of forging an official police warrant.

O’Neill said this is chargeable under Official Corruption Section 87 of the Criminal Code Act and Forgery under Section 462 Criminal Code Act, and further for defamation under Section 21 (2) of the Cyber Crime Code Act.

O’Neill’s case dismissed

The National Court today dismissed the proceeding because the warrant obtained for his arrest by police was withdrawn on Monday.

With no warrant in place, the National Court was of the view there is no utility for the proceeding to continue.

Justice Nicholas Miviri granted the state's application to have the judicial review dismissed and refused O'Neill's application seeking leave for a judicial review, as the subject of the proceeding – the warrant – was withdrawn early this week.

O’Neill’s lawyers seek leave for judicial review

The order restraining police from arresting O’Neill has been extended till Friday 3pm, when the National Court is to hand down its decision on his leave application – whether or not it will review the two decisions of the District Court.  

The first decision was that of Magistrate Cosmas Bidar on October 11 when he issued an arrest warrant for police to execute and bring O’Neill in for questioning for the offence of official corruption.

This is in relation to a complaint by Madang MP Bryan Kramer over the funding of a community project in Madang.

Stay on arrest warrant extended

The judicial review matter returned to the National Court on Friday for the hearing of two applications.

Parties in the case; the Solicitor General representing the police and state as well as O’Neill’s lawyers from Young and Williams returned to court on the morning of October 25th.

The Solicitor General’s application to have the stay order lifted or dismissed was moved however, was unable to assist the court further with affidavits to support their submissions.

Court stays arrest warrant

The urgent application was moved just before 4pm today.

Niuage Lawyers, representing O’Neill, asked the court for a temporary stay order until the court hears all parties on the leave application for judicial review.

The National Court granted the stay application just after 5pm today.

The stay is effective till Monday, Oct 21, at 9:30 am when the matter returns to court.

A warrant of arrest was issued by the Waigani District Court last Friday.

O'Neill seeks stay on arrest warrant execution

Greg Sheppard and George Lau, representing O'Neill, moved the stay application before Justice Nicholas Miviri before 4pm today.

O'Neill is asking the court, through his lawyers, to stay the warrant from being executed until an inter parte hearing takes place.

The court has adjourned and a ruling on the urgent application will be made at 5pm.

He filed an application seeking leave for Judicial Review this morning.

More update to come from the Waigani court house.

O’Neill’s legal fees under probe

In a press briefing this morning, Police Minister Bryan Kramer said they are aware that up to K57 million has been paid “during the accused’s term”.

“I’ve asked for police, and I am aware that they are carrying out investigations into legal fees paid during the term of Peter O’Neill,” Kramer told reporters.

“I’ve had some discussions with the Attorney General, and to look into those matters line by line to understand how much fees were paid, and what was the basis of those fees being paid.”

O'Neill says he was not informed of arrest warrant

In a statement released today, O'Neill said: “I have seen the social media statement put out by the Acting Commissioner, on the direction of his close acquaintance the current Police Minister, saying there is a warrant for my arrest.

“The fact that the Acting Commissioner would choose to make this announcement on social media, and not through official representation to my office, is telling that this is a political move.