Polye: Why political stability, it’s been abused and misused

Polye issued the warning while commenting on leaders including the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill calling for political stability.

“I would like our people to understand it. Stability must be conditional. When you have got a poor, rogue leadership running the affairs of the country, political stability is dangerous for our country.

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Basil questions logging on island

Deputy Opposition Leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil made the statement after seeing recent pictures of logging activities on Siassi Island, Morobe Province.

“It is surprising to continue to see the little island of Siassi being continued to be logged,” said Basil.

“What benefits have those logging operations brought back to the Siassi Islanders? Can the LLG President make some enquiries to the National Forest Authority (NFA) to see if this project is supported by the Morobe Provincial Government and his LLG?

Do not print ballot papers in Indonesia!

Basil argued that Indonesia is a country known for being corrupt and dangerous. Also, PNG should understand that we share common borders with Indonesia.

Basil continues to question whether the printing of ballot papers in Indonesia will include printing of the names of electorates and provincial seats.

He pointed out that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is yet to answer these questions. 

Basil calls on intending candidates for support

Pangu Party and Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil, is appealing to all the 4,000 intending candidates to join the campaign to mount a legal challenge against the proposed laws.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill recently confirmed his plans to increase the candidate nomination fee from K1,000 to K10,000, and fees for election petitions from K5,000 to K20,000.

Basil made the call yesterday alongside Member for Goilala, William Samb, in a media conference.

Samb: Unjustified increase in election fees

Samb has come on board to support Pangu Party and Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil, to challenge the proposed nomination and election petition fee amendments in court.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill recently confirmed his plans to increase the candidate nomination fee from K1,000 to K10,000, and fees for election petitions from K5,000 to K20,000.

O’Neill claims that amendments are necessary as elections were costly and the increase would assist Electoral Commission to generate funds in instances of costs in running the elections.

Opposition’s DSIP funds allegedly used as salaries

Their funds have allegedly been withdrawn into the consolidated revenue to pay salaries. And Polye has warned legal action of the alleged instruction from Peter O’Neill.

“I would like to call on the Prime Minister, the Minister for Finance, the Minister for Treasury and the Minister for National Planning to become sane. I think they are insane,” said Polye.

Opposition to challenge 2017 Budget in court

The Opposition says the budget bulldozed through by the government using its numerical strength was indeed not a Bill as the figures do not correspond.

The Appropriation Bill reads as over “K21 billion kina signed by the first legislative council” whilst the Treasurer’s speech confirmed the figure to be K12.9 billion.

Opposition Leader, Don Polye who led the Opposition to storm out of the Parliament chamber in protest held a late press conference in which he said there was a major error by the government.

Opposition MPs walk out of Chamber

The Government with 75 members  bulldozed the Budget despite the Oppositions queries.

The Opposition queried that there was a typographical error in the Appropriation (general public services expenditure 2017) Bill 2016.

The debate started with Sinasina Yongumugl MP Kerenga Kua asking the Treasurer to explain the figures in the bill when he was about to do the second reading.

He said the figures in the Bill was K21 billion while the 2017 Budget is only K12.9b

Government passed 2017 Budget

The budget was passed 75-0.

This will be the fifth consecutive budget by the O’Neill led Government and the last budget in this term of Parliament before the national election.

The 2017 Budget is set at K12,965.4 million against a revenue envelope of K11,088.8 million.

This comprise of K9,182.2 million in tax revenue, K1,045.3 million in grants and K1,245.7 million from other sources of revenue.

However, Opposition Leader Don Polye debated and termed the 2017 budget as a scam to defraud the people of this nation.