Opposition maintains stance on ‘fake’ budget

In a joint statement, the Opposition reaffirmed that the 2018 Budget was ‘fake’ and was not passed unanimously; no votes were taken.

The Opposition maintains that revenue figures quoted by Treasurer Abel for 2017 were based purely on estimates in the Supplementary Budget and Budget Strategy paper, which were up to K408 million lower in the final tally. 

Shadow Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey said the final figures, to be released by the end of March, will most likely show an even larger drop in revenue. 

Opposition launches new website

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare was given the honour to launch the website last night at the Sanctuary Hotel in Port Moresby.

During the event, Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch said the 27 alternate Government MPs are solid and will never be moved by any sweet talks from the Government.

He added that they are ready to change the government in 18 months’ time.

“We may not have the numbers but the numbers we have right now will increase in the next coming months.”

Pruaitch: 2018 Budget a ‘runaway train’

When debating the 2018 Budget on Tuesday in Parliament, Pruaitch said the Budget was fueled by huge budget deficits and soaring public debt, which the Government refuses to put on any safeguards or breaks to lessen the coming shocks.

“This budget is the most fiscally irresponsible budget presented in this House in all my years in Parliament.

“The fake revenue numbers in the budget allow the Government to lift expenditure beyond prudent fiscal levels which is a total disregard for fiscal discipline.

Opposition ready to debate 2018 Budget

Shadow Minister for Treasury and Finance, Ian Ling-Stuckey, in a statement said last year the O'Neill government, lacking the usual transparency, did not allow proper debate on the 2017 budget.

"We stand ready to judge the success of the 2018 budget and urge government to give the Opposition opportunity to measure its merits.

"Government should not trivialise the most important of this annual policy statement by rushing it through because a budget translates policies into concrete actions by providing resources.

Solomons opposition accuses govt of bribery

The government of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is facing a vote of no confidence in parliament next week, after a series of defections from the government.

Mr Sogavare on Thursday announced moves to consolidate his coalition government, announcing eight new ministers.

But in a statement, the opposition group said that consolidation had included attempts at bribery.

It accuses the forestry minister Bradley Tovosia of trying to bribe MP Alfred Ghiro with cash and the fisheries portfolio, which he rejected.


Opposition announces Shadow Cabinet

Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch, when making the announcement today, said the revamped Shadow Cabinet represented a mix of experienced political leaders and talented Papua New Guineans who were successful in the 2017 general election.

"The Alliance will challenge the O'Neill Government in Parliament and the public arena on two fronts — poor economic mismanagement, policy formulation and implementation and secondly, massive levels of ongoing corruption and waste," Pruaitch said.

Pruaitch welcomes Oil Search decision on purchase of crude oil

Pruaitch said he stood by his earlier statement that it is in the national interest for locally produced resources such as crude oil, copper, gold, fishery and forest products to be sold to local purchasers in PNG’s national currency, the Kina.

The leader of the opposition said in a media statement today that it is an infringement of our sovereignty for lenders or any other entity to insist that domestic resources be paid for in US dollars or other foreign currencies, when selling to PNG buyers.

Sir Nagora expresses sadness over Basil’s move

Basil along with other 11 MPs from the PANGU Pati moved to the Government side on Monday, Sept 11, 2017.

The prominent Morobean leader said: “It is indeed a disparaging verdict on the leadership style, demeanour and values of the honourable Member from Bulolo.

“I say this because PANGU has a rich history and record of leading Papua New Guinea out of colonialism to self-rule and many voters around the country were happy to see Sam Basil, who got re-elected in 2012 as an independent Member of Parliament, take the reins of the Party in 2016.

​Kua calls on MPs to join Opposition

“New members of parliament can be excused for not knowing the real picture before being elected recently into office but members that have reentered parliament are staying with the O’Neill regime for the wrong reasons,” says Kua.

“There is no money in the government coffers so it is based on a false premise that members of parliament attempt to justify their move to government.”

He added that the 100 day plan shows the lack of imagination of this government as they are 6 years on, responsible for where we are today socially, financially and economically.

VIDEO: Pruaitch on Pangu move

He said no lines have been drawn against politicians moving sides in the parliament;
However if and when this move is confirmed there is nothing the opposition can do and their decision will be taken with grace. 
He says the opposition will operate as the opposition if such a move occurs.