No-confidence Vote motion hearing date set

The hearing date for the substantive application, filed under section 18(1) of the Constitution was set today by the Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia.

 The application filed by Leader of the Opposition, Don Polye substantively seeks the High Court to order the Speaker to recall Parliament to debate the Motion of No-Confidence as a matter of national urgency.

PNG Opposition welcomes ACP delegation

In a media conference this afternoon, Opposition leader Don Polye said: “Our people are very friendly as we are the Melanesian people and accept our visitors and friends with open arms.”

He said PNG is an interesting place to visit as there are many business opportunities and friendly people.

This is the second time PNG is hosting the ACP.

Basil hands over position to Polye

The handover of the leadership was done accordingly and followed every process.

Basil welcomes Polye back and handed over the position in front of his other Opposition members this afternoon in Port Moresby.

Polye had stood down from the position after the National Court set aside his 2012 election over disputed ballot boxes.

After a successful election petition by runner-up, Alfred Manase, the court on May 2, ruled that five ballot boxes in Polye's Kandep electorate were not properly counted by the Electoral Commission.

Kua steps away from the ‘crowded bench’ to join Opposition

Vibrant former Attorney General and Sinasina Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua has stepped out from the crowded government back benches and joined the Opposition bench this afternoon.

In welcoming the leader of National Party, Opposition Leader Don Polye thanked him for making such a move.

“The move by Kua was for his people and not for his personnel gain. We welcome him to the Opposition as he brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team,” Polye said.

Freedom of speech must be practiced, says Basil

Basil exclusively told Loop PNG that the money that was committed by government for various projects or commitments must be condition free.

He was responding to questions regarding the free education policy which some MPs are claiming to remove if students at the higher institutions take part in a protest to petition the Prime Minister to step down.

He said when MPs make commitments or sponsor students through various scholarships, the money used were public funds so cannot be given with conditions.

Signatures on no-confidence motion to be checked

“The permanent parliamentary committee on private business resolved in a meeting that the VONC presented be required due diligence checks to ascertain the compliance with parliamentary practice and ensure that procedural qualifications have been met,” Acting Speaker Aide Ganasi wrote in a letter to the Opposition Leader Don Polye.

Ganasi is chairman of the parliamentary committee.

Opposition calls on Govt to sell OSH shares

Opposition Leader Don Polye in a  media  conference yesterday said the UBS loan  and other commercial loans are liabilities to the state and must be addressed as a matter of urgency.

He said this single loan engagement, K3 billion UBS loan was a big mistake that impacts badly on PNG’s economy today during a global economic recession, creating a domestic economic crisis and fiscal operation nightmare.

Opposition urges Speaker to recall Parliament

In a press conference today Opposition leader Don Polye said under the Constitution, any decision to recalling of Parliament is a prerogative of the cabinet.

However, given the situation, Polye said the Speaker and Governor-General must discuss the option with the Prime Minister.

He said these are times the leaders need to think outside of the box in the best interest of the country.

Support local poultry – Basil

Basil said removing the uncooked poultry ban will lower the price of poultry products but this could affect local producers with many Papua New Guineans losing their job.

“The sad news is that local poultry producers like of Zenag Chicken, Niugini Tablebirds and other small producers will suffer from the sudden influx of cheaper imported products cutting back on sales output and profit margins which means job cuts and loss of income.

“Rogue Cop” behaviour riles Opposition

Leader Don Pomb Polye said: “Our women, girls, children and the disadvantaged should be treated with respect and dignity.”

Polye said ‘this rogue behaviour’ angered him, describing it as ‘inhuman and animalistic.’

Deputy parliamentary leader of Triumph Heritage Empowerment party and Lae MP Loujaya Kouza described the cop, who forced the woman into the act as ‘sadistic’.

“Sadistic is the word which best describes the ‘rogue cop’, who made my sister to chew condoms. There is no degradation as low as that going to break her spirit.