New community museum for Alola

The museum will be built and managed by the local community to provide a dedicated space to display World War II artefacts collected from the Alola area.

The whole community will share the financial benefits.

Attached to the museum will be an open-air trade haus for community members, particularly women, to sell souvenirs and refreshments to the estimated 3,500 Kokoda trekkers who pass through the village each year.

It will act as a focal point for visitors and is expected to become a busy hub during the trekking season.

Oro PA suspended

The suspension was effective as of June 22, 2018.

Vegogo, who was arrested and charged by police on Nov 6, 2017, was sidelined and asked to take paid leave of absence by Department of Personnel Management (DPM) whilst going through Court to defend the charges.

The charges against Vegogo arose when he authorised K168,785 of non-discretionary funds from the Provincial Support Grants (PSG), without the Resolution of the Joint Provincial Planning and Budget Priority Committee (JPP & BPC) to pay for hire car bills.

VIDEO: Juffa Committed to deliver

He said even the most negative situation can be an educational positive outcome. 


Freddy Mou with more

Extract positive lessons from situations: Juffa

“We don’t look at situation as mistakes or tragedies but look at them as educational moments and try to extract the positive out of those situations.”

He said even the most negative situation can become educational and positive.

Juffa made these remarks when speaking to his people in Popondetta town before the swearing in of the three Northern MPs.

He made reference to the past leaders where the two open MPs did not work alongside him to bring tangible services to the people of Oro.

Oro to ban yeast sales

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, Lincoln Gerari said many problems in the province are Homebrew related and yeast is the main ingredient that makes that illegal alcohol.

Gerari said he had been given support by the three MPs in the province and is anticipated to start enforcing the ban shortly.

"I will be visiting schools and communities about the ban.

"There is an increase in lawlessness due to the increase in the production of homebrew," he said.

Oro leaders to work together for development

Masere said he will be trying his very best to change the image of Oro.

"I want to assure my people that my win is for them and I will serve them to the best of my ability.

"Oro has been referred to as a cowboy province but that will change."

He said Oro will be changing in years to come.

Meantime Oro Governor Garry Juffa also shared the same sentiments and thanked the people for the support given to them by mandating them as MPs.

Juffa also thanked his two colleague for choosing to work with him to drive Oro forward in terms of overall development.

Juffa: Coalition must have people’s interest at heart

In this first term, the Northern Governor has been one of the few voices on good governance in Parliament.

 Juffa confirmed in a media conference today, his People’s Movement for Change Party support for the PANGU Party led, Goroka Camp.

 “I will consider any organization that will form (a government) not a disorganization like what we have endured for the last 5 years.

“The National Alliance (Party) has been seen to be accumulating the numbers, so as PANGU,” Juffa said.  

VIDEO: Central, Milne Bay and Oro election updates

Election Managers for each province have confirmed receiving all election materials from Port Moresby in the last 2 weeks.

Training of polling officials and teams will continue until on Friday June 23rd- a day before polling.


Caroline Ure reports 

Juffa warns Kokoda people to be vigilant

Juffa made the call after an individual by the name of Kila Sibolo held meetings and misled many people especially ward councilors and community leaders.

Sibolo alleged to call meetings in regards to a grant of K500,000 for the Kokoda station redevelopment.

However, Juffa clarified that the K500,000 is a grant for the provincial government to use as part of its Kokoda development initiative to rebuild Kokoda.

Juffa said Sibolo has lied to many of the people of Kokoda to claim that the grant was for landowner projects.

13 victims of road accident laid to rest

Popondetta General Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr Gunzee Gawin told Loop PNG today that the bodies were taken to their villages on Wednesday and laid to rest today.

He said the remaining 10 victims from the 16 were still at the hospital but in a stable condition.

Dr Gawin said two were discharged this morning and eight remain at the hospital.

The accident involved a PMV truck and an oil palm fruit truck belonging to the Higaturu Oil Palm Ltd.

The 13 victims died instantly at the accident site.