Vanuatu opposition confident motion will go ahead

The Supreme Court this week declared a decision by the newly-appointed speaker of parliament, Marcellino Pipite, to rule out the opposition's motion of no confidence against the new prime minister Sato Kilman, and ordered parliament to reconvene on Tuesday to hear it.

Opposition labelled Gov’t as ‘blaming gov’t’

Speaking to reporters in a media conference today in Port Moresby, Polye says the government has been blaming the past governments, leaders, public servants and citizens of this country without having a solution for that particular issue.

He was responding to the latest media statement from the Education Minister who had claimed that more than K50 million have been lost in the education system.

“The government knows nothing about providing solutions to prolonged challenges and corruptions.

‘PM, please explain’ K20m for ICAC

In a media conference today, Polye claimed that the Prime Minister had no interest in fighting corruption in the country as a result of not establishing the ICAC.

“The Prime Minister when officially elected into the office as the chief executive officer of the country made a commitment to establish the ICAC.”

However, he said after three years in the office, the Prime Minister had done nothing for establishing the ICAC office.