Kapavore hails ‘Bilum Digital Platform’

The Member for Pomio Open, Elias Kapavore, has applauded the directive taken by the National Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) to go rural with their recent ‘Bilum Digital Platform’ program.

He said unlike in the past, where the DIRD allocates the Service Improvement Program (SIP) funds to districts and provinces, and awaits acquittals from the recipients annually, the Bilum platform allows proof of projects constructed through the SIP funds.

“They stay in Waigani and look at their records to know that these SIP funds went to the districts and provinces, and just wait for the acquittals. But they don’t know if these funds are actually spent on the stated projects or programs in the acquittal reports that they received,” he said.

Speaking at the recent farewell dinner for the DIRD team that ran a four-day workshop and awareness on the Bilum Digital Platform project in Kokopo, Kapavore said this is the first time a program is in place to track funds and ensure proof of evidence on the use of these government monies.

He further acknowledged the Australian government, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), for the support in this Bilum project.

The DIRD team left for the Pomio District headquarters at Palmalmal on Sunday, November 19th, via ‘MV Pomio’, to run further training for the Pomio District Development Authority (DDA).

The Pomio MP applauded the DIRD team for traveling to the rural districts, so that as the responsible department, they themselves can experience how the locals live.

“That’s the way, Secretary and your team. Come out of your comfort zones and see and feel for yourselves, how our rural people live. It’s not your job to make policies only, but you have to come and see how these policies are implemented.”

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