DICT Drives Digital Transformation

The Australia-PNG Network’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) played host to an illuminating panel discussion in Port Moresby this week.

The event, centered around the rapid digital transformation sweeping across the Pacific region. It featured keynote speaker and Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Steven Matainaho.

Prominent figures and experts convened at the event to delve into the pivotal aspects of digital transformation. Mihai Sora, Project Director of the Australia-PNG Network, set the stage by highlighting the network's role in fostering cross-border connections.

He emphasized the network's online presence as a bridge for exchange between individuals from Australia and Papua New Guinea through platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Secretary Matainaho's keynote address underlined the significance of innovation in driving progress. He detailed the strategic policies that have driven milestones such as the 2020 Digital Transformation Policy and the 2022 Digital Government Act.

Responding to panel queries, he navigated the intricate landscape of internet accessibility and sustainability amid political shifts. Secretary Matainaho highlighted the role of wholesale data providers in shaping the digital landscape and emphasized maintaining a visionary agenda despite political influences.

Inclusivity was a central theme of Secretary Matainaho's address. He emphasized that the journey towards digital transformation must leave no one behind. Sarah Pyawa, Program Manager at FHI360, provided insights into the potential of ICT solutions to revolutionize PNG's healthcare sector.

Mathuselah Wabiria of BSP Financial Group highlighted the symbiotic relationship between digital services and innovation in the banking sector.

Laurel Pentanu, a Technical Consultant at the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, brought a unique perspective to the discussion by discussing the role of digital transformation in conflict mitigation. She stressed how digitalization enhances communication and understanding, citing social media's role in amplifying voices and promoting societal value.

The event underscored the collaborative efforts between Australia and Papua New Guinea to embrace digital transformation as a means to drive progress, inclusivity, and innovation.

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