4 dead in fiery wreck on Dallas overpass

Dallas County Sheriff's Department spokesman Raul Reyna said they are still investigating what caused the wreck early Monday morning. He said two adults, including a pregnant woman, and two children died in the vehicle that became entangled with the tractor-trailer. He says the driver of the tractor-trailer was unharmed.

Reyna says that when the vehicles became entangled, the gas tanks on the tractor-trailer ruptured, causing the large fire. Burning lumber fell from the overpass onto the ground below.

Passenger: Trailer split in 2 by Amtrak train

Lamont Lilly was traveling from Durham, North Carolina, to New York when his train hit the vehicle Thursday. Lilly says he was eating lunch near the front of the train when he felt a jolt, heard the brakes screech and smelled smoke.