Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen

Final Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen series

It will be held at the University of Papua New Guinea on Thursday 21 November, commencing at 2pm with opening remarks by the Australian High Commissioner to PNG, Bruce Davis.

Taxes help to build free and independent nations – they are an important form of government revenue that can be redistributed towards health, education, roads and other vital public services and infrastructure.

Discussion on PNG’s cultural heritage

However, what is the impact of heritage, custom and tradition on values in Papua New Guinea today?

That is the question posed to panellists and audience at the third Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen discussion event, which will be held on Monday 23 September at the University of Papua New Guinea.

To explore this topic, keynote speaker Dr Andrew Moutu, Director of the National Museum and Art Gallery will be joined by:

Challenges for modern universities

The Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Queensland, who was the guest speaker, believes universities can be a key source of ideas and insights through robust research.

The discussion was on the topic ‘Innovators and Educators: Opportunities and Challenges for Modern Universities’, and was hosted at the University of PNG.

Professor Peter Høj said graduates who leave universities today face a more challenging environment than those who graduated decades ago.

Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen

The series explores themes and policy issues pertinent to Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. The first discussion topic is ‘Male Champions of Change: Partners in the push for gender equality’.

The event will feature a keynote address by Elizabeth Broderick, founder of Male Champions of Change in Australia.

She will be joined for a panel discussion by: