Sitiveni Rabuka

Campaign continues after Rabuka found not guilty

Supporters cheered the SODELPA leader, former prime minister and 1987 coup leader Mr Rabuka as he emerged from the Suva Magistrates Court late this morning.

Mr Rabuka was charged by Fiji's Independent Commission Against Corruption under Fiji's political party regulations - for providing a false declaration of his assets, income and liabilities.

If convicted, he would have been out of the running for the 14 November polls.

Fiji's Rabuka called in for further FICAC questioning

Sitiveni Rabuka was charged in June by the anti-corruption body, FICAC, for providing a false declaration of assets, income and liabilities.

The former prime minister and coup leader has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Mr Rabuka's party, SODELPA, says the unforeseen request from FICAC for a further round of interviews has meant he had to call short his week of meetings in Macuata.

It gave no details about what it is FICAC wanted to talk about.


Fiji's new SODELPA leader gives fresh coup apology

Sitiveni Rabuka's appointment was confirmed during Friday's annual party meeting in Suva.

Mr Rabuka led two coups in 1987 before becoming prime minister in 1992 and holding that role until losing the 1999 election.

He said his first action as leader was to give an official and traditional apology for the injuries of 1987.

"During my interview it was brought up that that many women in Fiji still resent me, still reject me as a leader because of 1987."