Everyday People PNG : Eunice So'on Song

“I come from a family of 5, including my adopted brother. There are two girls and three boys in my family. I am married with 5 children, and 4 grandchildren.”

“I am a full time teacher with the International Education Agency for over 20 years and I teach at Gordon International School, but I have been using my free time and holidays to teach basic life skills, especially sewing to beginners.”

Changing the course of her own life

26-year-old Helen Jimmy graduated from the University of Technology in April this year, with a degree in technology communication in development study.

However, like most new graduates in the country, she was unable to immediately secure a job. But this did not stop her from supporting herself.

Jimmy tapped into her passion and was astounded with the money generated from sewing and selling meri blouse.

“I saw women earning good money on meri blouses and also the demand for meri blouses is high, very high,” Jimmy told this newsroom.