Public Service Commission

Public Service Commission presents annual report

This is in accordance with Section 191 (4) of the National Constitution and Section 17 (1) of the Public Services (Management) Act 1995 (as amended).

The 2018 Annual Report contains the Commission’s unaudited financial report, achievements and constraints faced, as well as offer recommendations to see a fair and proper administration of public servants' welfare, through rigorous checks and balances, to ensure a fair treatment in employment and an improvement in the public service machinery.

Powers of Public Service Commission tested

The reference, filed by the Acting Public Solicitor on 19 July, will question the powers of the Public Service Commission, if it has jurisdiction under section 191 of the Constitution to review any decision of the Public Solicitor or an officer or employee of the Public Solicitor’s office.

It was filed following the dismissal of one of its officers in August last year, who was later reinstated by the Public Service Commission on 22 June 2018 after a review.