Facebook wants you to get even more political

On Tuesday, the company introduced an endorsement feature, which means that users can now go to the Facebook page of any political official or candidate and endorse them.

This posts the endorsement on a user's profile page (as well as on the candidate's page if a user's account is fully public). People can opt to add an explanation about why they're making that endorsement.

UNDP encourages women participation in politics

The session aimed to support political parties in creating equal opportunities for participation of women and advise on effective gender equality mechanisms in the run up to 2017 National General Elections.

In 2016, the Pacific island countries as a region still have the lowest number of female parliamentarians in the world.

Papua New Guinea currently has three women MPs; Kiribati two; Tonga, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Nauru each have one, and the Federated States of Micronesia and Vanuatu currently have no women in Parliament. 

Seven times ordinary people shook up political debate

More often at such times, the stream of political advertising and set-piece speeches flows uninterrupted and can leave voters feeling powerless or disconnected.

But every so often, as these cases show, ordinary people spring to wider attention, knocking politicians off balance.

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