Stowaway found in South Africa plane wheel at Amsterdam airport

Flights from Johannesburg to Amsterdam take about 11 hours, with the cargo plane believed to have made one stop, in Nairobi, Kenya.

It is very unusual for stowaways on long flights to survive, due to the cold and low oxygen at high altitudes.

The man's age and nationality have not yet been determined, police say.

"The man was found alive in the nose wheel section of the plane and was taken to hospital in a stable condition," Royal Dutch Military Police spokeswoman Joanna Helmonds told the AFP news agency.

Cathay Pacific spells own name wrong on new plane

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific painted its name as "Cathay Paciic" on the side of the jet.

Eagle-eyed travellers spotted the mistake at Hong Kong International Airport and contacted the airline.

"Oops this special livery won't last long! She's going back to the shop!" the company joked on Twitter.

The airline said it was a genuine mistake, although some in the industry said it was inexplicable.

"The spacing is too on-point for a mishap," an engineer for Haeco, a sister company of the airline, told the South China Morning Post.

Woman filmed drying underwear on plane air conditioning

Passengers were puzzled but remained silent as the woman, flying from Antalya in Turkey to Moscow, unashamedly held her undies in the air for around 20 minutes.

The moment was been caught on camera, showing her flipping the briefs over every now and again to ensure they were fully dried.

Other passengers said she did not seem embarrassed by her unusual behaviour on board the Ural Airlines flight.

"Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent," one passenger said, according to the Daily Mail UK.

Malaysia to verify if debris in Maldives came from plane

Last week, Malaysia said a wing fragment found on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion was confirmed to be from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The plane went missing March 8, 2014, with 239 people aboard while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said Monday that it was premature to speculate whether the debris found in the Maldives is connected to Flight 370.

Plane dropping candy on church event crashes, killing 2

The wreck Tuesday night killed 22-year-old Brad Lefevre and 64-year-old Chad Burton, both of the Afton area in Star Valley. The plane went down near homes, but officials say nobody on the ground was hurt.

Lincoln County Sheriff Shane Johnson says the aircraft crashed about a half-mile from the church event being held in a park. He says he believes people at the event saw the impact.

Johnson says there's no indication it hit anything before crashing about 5 miles northwest of Afton.