Philip Hammond

Britain says Iran too powerful to leave in isolation

Tehran and world powers struck a deal last month on Iran's contested nuclear program, and on Sunday Britain and Iran reopened their respective embassies after a break of several years.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, who met Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran on Monday, said the two countries shared common ground despite a "deep legacy of distrust."

VIDEO: UK Foreign Secretary comments on Iran deal

Hammond defended the nuclear deal reached between Iran and world powers saying it would ensure peace in the region.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel isn't bound by the deal with Iran brokered by the United States and would continue to oppose it.

The Latest: Putin says deal brings world 'a sigh of relief'

9:05 a.m.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the deal with Iran has brought the world "a sigh of relief."

In a statement published on the Kremlin website, Putin also said that "Russia will do its utmost to make sure that the Vienna agreement is fully implemented, thus contributing to the international and regional security."


8:50 a.m.

VIDEO: Iran and UK FMs comment on nuclear issue

Mohammad Javad Zarif held private talks with counterparts from Germany and France, before meeting with a group of EU leaders on the sidelines of a meeting of top EU diplomats in Luxembourg.

Zarif predicted intense and difficult days ahead before the deadline to strike a deal with world powers over Tehran's nuclear programme.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, who also met with Zarif, said diplomats are "going to pull all the stops out" to reach an agreement by the deadline.