Pacific Balance Fund

​PBF: Over 10,000 people yet to collect shares

This was announced by Lawrence Stephens, general manager - corporate affairs and governance, Melanesian Trustee Services Limited.

He challenged the newly appointed face of the fund, Renee Jasmine Siaguru, to find these missing members using the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant (MPIP) PNG platform.

Siaguru was the first contestant to join the annual pageant and is sponsored by Pacific Balance Fund/ Melanesian Trustee Services Limited.

Pacific Balance Fund records steady growth

Statistic from its recent report, ‘Our story of growth and creating a safer financial future for ordinary Papua New Guineans’, initially, the Fund’s NAV was K75m and today it is worth in excess of K616m.

In this period, the Trustee, Melanesian Trustee Services Limited (MTSL) has also introduced efficiencies to manage the operating expenses while also improving the Fund’s income generation and investment performance.

In 2002 it generated an annual income of just K6m and by 2015 the Fund generated an annual income of over K86m, an increase of more K80m.

Pacific Balance Fund (PBF) to pay out over K3.1 million to shareholders

The Melanesian Trustee Services Limited (MTSL) announced today that following another successful year for PBF, its unit holders will receive distribution for 2015 at 0.24 toea per unit.

This is an increase of 0.05 toea from 2014 as per results announced early this year.

 MTSL general manager corporate services and governance, Lawrence Stephens said 20,000 unit holders who own shares will receive their shares.

Stephens said that the Board made this decision based on the availability of funds which updates the distribution to unit holders.