Kandep Open recount

Kandep recourt declaration still with Courts

Incumbent MP and Opposition Leader Don Polye confirmed on Tuesday that the results had been given to the Court to make a declaration.

He added that because it is a court ordered recount, only the court will declare the result.

Polye still holds his Kandep Open seat awaiting the Court declaration.

The recount held in provincial capital, Wabag, was completed in October 2016 with the sitting MP reaching the absolute majority.

PPC Kakas warns supporters not to disrupt Kandep recount

Enga Provincial Police Commander George Kakas says he already issued warning to candidates’ supporters that if they cause trouble, their candidates will be held responsible.

He said all ballot boxes are safe and in a container, where the lock will be cut, witnessed by the PNG Electoral Commission staff, Police, candidates and their scrutinizers, before counting proceeds.

PPC Kakas is confident his command will provide adequate security during the duration of the counting.

Kandep Recount Set for Thursday

Electoral Commissioner, Patilus Gamato confirmed his officers are already in Wabag town.

Counting couldn’t start today as planned, because the team was looking for a counting venue.

Gamato said they have already secured a location at a primary school.

Counting usually takes up to two weeks, but Gamato says they hope to complete it within 10 to 12 days.

Enga Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas, says the people of Kandep have started flocking into Wabag town for the re-count.