Kandep recourt declaration still with Courts

With three months before the Issue of Writs for the 2017 National Elections, the results of the recount of the ballot papers for the 2012 Kandep Open seat is still with the Courts.

Incumbent MP and Opposition Leader Don Polye confirmed on Tuesday that the results had been given to the Court to make a declaration.

He added that because it is a court ordered recount, only the court will declare the result.

Polye still holds his Kandep Open seat awaiting the Court declaration.

The recount held in provincial capital, Wabag, was completed in October 2016 with the sitting MP reaching the absolute majority.

“There won’t be any declaration. Results will go before the court for declaration,” Kandep returning officer, Alwynn Jimmy told Loop PNG after the completion of the recount.    

The recount of the last general election ballot papers was a result of a successful court petition by 2012 election runner-up Alfred Manase.

A three-man Supreme Court bench on September 6, in a unanimous decision, ordered the Electoral Commission to conduct a re-count of the ballot papers.

File picture of Wabag before the start of Kandep Open recount in 2016.  

Charles Yapumi