Jiwaka Provincial Police Commander

Jiwaka fears deferral of polls

Election Manager, Rossie Pandihau, says the commencement of polling in the Province will depend on when polling in Simbu Province has been completed.

Polling in Jiwaka Province is scheduled for June 30.

Ms Pandihau said preparations for polling are now well on track however, the delay in polling for Simbu Province might affect them as well. This is because security forces in Simbu will move to Jiwaka once polling is completed in the former.

Pandihau says they are currently doing quality checks and pre-counting the ballot papers.

​Jiwaka generally quiet

Jiwaka Provincial Police Commander, Joseph Tondop, said people have become more aware and knowledgeable about the general elections compared with the past.

He said so far, apart from candidates campaigning in the province, they have not seen much activity with locals.

“Normal business continues and people have returned to their everyday routine.”

Tondop adds that with the limited resource that is available for police, he is still confident that his men will bring Jiwaka through the polling and declaration.