House committee

Ex-State Dept. worker refuses to testify on Clinton emails

Bryan Pagliano appeared briefly behind closed doors Thursday before a House committee investigating the deadly 2012 Benghazi attacks. He refused to answer questions, asserting his constitutional rights not to incriminate himself, committee members said.

Pagliano's lawyers said he also will refuse to testify if served with a subpoena by two Senate committees looking into the email controversy.

Benghazi committee interviews former top Clinton aide

The committee is also reviewing Clinton's use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state.

Meeting behind closed doors, members of the panel were questioning Cheryl Mills, Clinton's former chief of staff. Jake Sullivan, another former top aide who now works on Clinton's presidential campaign, was set to be interviewed on Friday. Both sessions will be off limits to the public.

GOP: Still no deal on Clinton testimony to Benghazi panel

The Republicans said this is despite the State Department's pledge to produce 5,000 new pages of documents.

A spokesman for Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina said Tuesday that "nothing has changed" since Gowdy balked Saturday at an announcement by Clinton's presidential campaign that she would testify Oct. 22 before the panel. Gowdy chairs the special committee.