Hides Gas Conditioning Plant

Fresh produce, the way forward

Established in 2019, the Paija Ipa Women's Agribusiness Group is now a fresh produce supplier to Hides Alliance Group (HAG), which supplies ExxonMobil PNG's Hides Conditioning Plant.

Paija Ipa Group leader, Serah Tindipaya, recalled that life for the Hides womenfolk was previously much different.

“We used to see truckloads of vegetables coming from outside of Hela, and always asked ourselves, why can't we produce such high-quality vegetables?”

ExxonMobil shuts down Hides plant

The plant and wellpads have been shut as a precaution until full assessments can be completed on damages sustained during the earthquake.

In a statement, ExxonMobil PNG says it is putting plans in place to evacuate non-essential staff due to the damage to the Hides camp quarters and continuing aftershocks.

ExxonMobil returns staff

This follows the removal of barricades to and from the site by Hides landowners over a K35 million commitment not being met by the Government.

Meanwhile, the Angore pipeline tie-in project will remain suspended until ExxonMobil is confident operations can resume normally.

A spokesperson said: “While we believe sufficient improvement has been made in the Hides and Komo areas, work on the Angore pipeline tie-in project will remain suspended until we are confident our operations can be safely and securely resumed in that area.

ExxonMobil suspends non-essential work

This follows tension in Hides, Angore and Komo in Hela Province over outstanding landowner issues not met by the Government.

ExxonMobil states that the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant continues to operate with essential staff on ground while the Hela situation continues to be monitored.

The safety and security of our employees, contractors and the local community is a top priority,” says a spokesperson.

“Due to recent community tension in the Highlands (Hides, Angore, Komo), ExxonMobil PNG has suspended non-essential work.