Look after your hair: Beauty expert

“Look after your hair and most importantly, the scalp, which is very important.”

And this message, she says, has the same level of importance to men, women, parents and youth.

She stressed that once the scalp is damaged, growing your hair will be difficult.

“Scalp can be damaged by so many reasons but most common we have come across is the ones damaged by chemicals after frequent visits to salons who are doing nothing but destroying hair and scalp in the name of fashion and beauty.”

The herbal based hair solution taking the market by storm

But recently there have been talk of a brand, which apparently is the answer to all hair problems.

T444z Hair Products are steadily gaining popularity among many Papua New Guineans.

Miriam Greenbank has been distributing these products since February 2015 (2yrs and 4 months to be exact).

She explained that T444z Hair Products is different from other hair products mainly because ingredients used are all herbal based.