Gabsongkeg village

No development yet

This was one of the reasons why they took offence to the Morobe Governor’s decision to rename the Nadzab Airport.

Gabsongkeg has not seen any tangible development for over four decades. They still have no electricity while the community bore water is mainly used for cooking.  

Thatched structures dot the Wampar LLG village with a few modern dwellings and a new Lutheran Church that was opened on June 14, 2020.

Stop selling your land: Leader

This was the strong message given to the landowners of Markham valley in Morobe Province.

Petty crimes, drug and alcohol abuse and social unrest are just some of the issues faced by customary landowners when they sell their land to outsiders.

The violent rape and killing of a woman at Gabsongkeg village of Wampar LLG reinforced this message as concerned women protested the heinous act on August 28th.