Greek talks with sceptical creditors to resume in morning

Talks will resume following more than eight hours of talks on Saturday without any apparent breakthrough that will secure the country's future in the euro.

On leaving the meeting, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the eurozone's top official, said there had been "in-depth" discussions, and highlighted the issue of "trust."

Dijsselbloem bemoans lack of trust with Greece

Arriving for a meeting of the 19 eurozone finance ministers, Dijsselbloem said there's still "a major issue of trust" to be grappled with before creditors are able to back another bailout of Greece.

IMF: Greece poses little threat to world economy

In a statement Thursday, Blanchard said the world economy has "withstood the stress tests of the last two weeks fairly well."

Lack of new Greek proposals leaves eurozone leaders on edge


With Greece's banks just days away from a potential collapse that could drag the country out of the euro, Tsipras had been expected to offer up economic reforms in exchange for loans.

Instead he came with only vague proposals and a commitment to back it up with real figures and a written plan on Wednesday.

"You know, there was a promise for today. Then, they're promising for tomorrow," said Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite. "For the Greek government it's every time 'manana.'"

Euro official says Greek vote result regrettable

The Dutch finance minister has over the past five months of negotiations resisted Greece's attempts to get easier terms for its bailout program. He says that "for the recovery of the Greek economy, difficult measures and reforms are inevitable. We will now wait for the initiatives of the Greek authorities."

US stocks open higher following gains in European markets

Greece's government appeared to be softening its stance toward its creditors, but European officials ruled out any deal before a Greek referendum this weekend.

Chubb Corp. soared 32 percent after the insurance company agreed to be acquired by Ace for about $28 billion.

The Dow Jones industrial average gained 160 points, or 0.6 percent, to 17,782 as of 9:35 a.m. Eastern time Wednesday.

The Standard & Poor's 500 index gained 16 points, or 0.8 percent, to 2,079. The Nasdaq composite climbed 45 points, or 0.9 percent, to 5,033.

Chinese premier calls for deal to keep Greece in eurozone

"Whether Greece stays within the euro is not only a question that concerns Europe, but also concerns China and Europe," Li Keqiang told reporters at the end of an EU-China summit meeting in Brussels. 

"In addition, this is also something that concerns world financial stability and economic recovery."

Li noted his country is a major customer and supplier for the 28-nation EU, and a long-term holder of eurobonds. He said China is in favor of a united and prosperous EU, as well as a strong euro.

The Latest: S&P cuts Greek credit rating amid turmoil

The agency says it now sees a 50-percent chance of Greece leaving the eurozone.

THE LATEST: Greeks march to show support for staying in euro

It's the latest in a series of peaceful protests organized in recent days by demonstrators friendly to the government's anti-austerity agenda as well as supporters of the country's future within the currency and political union.

Attendees have included, respectively, cabinet ministers and opposition lawmakers.

A rally against public spending cuts on Sunday drew 7,000, about average for such protests.