East New Britain Provincial

Women counting officials under probe for vote rigging

Early this week, two women, who are senior public servants, were removed from the Regional counting venue at the Kokopo Secondary School after scrutineers noticed inconsistencies with figures.

They claimed the women gave 2,000 extra votes to leading candidate Leo Dion.

“The allowable ballot for that count was 4,000-plus compared to the Gazelle team’s figure of 2,111,” said the scrutineers.

“What was recorded on the (tally) board for count 3 raised alarm because the figures did not correspond to the Gazelle scrutineers’.”

COUNTING: ENB Regional progressive result – after elimination 10

The progressive tally:

ENB Regional - after elimination 10




COUNTING: ENB Provincial progressive result – after count 80

The end of count 80 saw incumbent Gazelle MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Leo Dion, occupy the top spot.

The progressive tally: