Dr Bill Hamblin

Emergency funds report yet to be tabled

Governor Undialu said people who have contributed in cash and kind have to be acknowledged.

A massive earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck some areas in Hela, Southern Highlands, Western and Enga provinces on February 26th, 2018.

The NEC immediately declared a State of Emergency and further approved K450 million for relief operations and to restore services, as well as the formation of an emergency disaster restoration team and the establishment of a restoration authority.

Opposition calls for probe into disaster funds

He claimed that there has been no transparency on the restoration work carried out by the Controller of National Disaster state-of-emergency.

Pruaitch, in a statement, accused the Government for turning a blind eye to the suffering of tens of thousands of Papua New Guineans in the badly hit provinces of Southern Highlands, Hela, Western and Gulf.

He said conflicting information has been provided on funding for earthquake impacted provinces by the Department of Treasury and Dr Bill Hamblin, Controller of National Disaster state-of-emergency.

Disaster restoration team received K70m: Hamblin

The head of the Emergency Disaster Restoration Team said they have sent solar lights and re-starter kits, among others, up to Western, Gulf, Sandaun’s Telefomin, Southern Highlands and Hela provinces.

The state of emergency that was declared after the February 26 earthquake saw K450 million allocated for next three years into the areas affected.

The second state of emergency that was declared following the June 14 mayhem saw K6 million allocated for the Southern Highlands Province, which will be sourced from the Prime Minister’s Department and the Department of Finance.

42,000 vaccines destroyed in Mendi

A disgusted Emergency Controller of the Emergency Disaster Restoration Team, Dr Bill Hamblin, said the rampage also saw supplies stored in two warehouse in Mendi looted.

“Not only were supplies stolen up there and resold on the streets, but the plane that was destroyed was carrying vaccines for under 5-year-old children; 42,000 vaccines destroyed,” he said.

“Now we have no replacement for those in the country where UNICEF is trying to replace those at the moment.

Earthquake relief efforts continue

An update on the status of the relief efforts was presented during a media conference yesterday with the emergency controller, Dr Bill Hamblin, at the Emergency office at Gordon, Port Moresby.

Dr Hamblin said the relief efforts still continue however, supplies for Tari-Pori alone have been put on hold due to the tribal warfare.

He said for the other provinces and impacted areas, the relief supplies are still being distributed.

Restoration authority bill to cover recovery process

Dr Bill Hamblin, Controller of the Emergency Disaster Relief Coordination, put this into perspective while giving an update of the relief efforts that the committee has been overseeing.

Dr Hamblin said the Australian Government has been invited to assist with an assessment report for asset reconstruction.

The Restoration Authority Bill will take care of the restoration of the social and economic aspects of each affected province.

Dr Hamblin said permanent solutions include relocation and food security, but each relief and recovery will depend on each area affected.