42,000 vaccines destroyed in Mendi

The mayhem of June 14 in Mendi also saw 42,000 vaccines meant for children under 5 years old destroyed when the Dash 8 aircraft was set alight at the Mendi airport.

A disgusted Emergency Controller of the Emergency Disaster Restoration Team, Dr Bill Hamblin, said the rampage also saw supplies stored in two warehouse in Mendi looted.

“Not only were supplies stolen up there and resold on the streets, but the plane that was destroyed was carrying vaccines for under 5-year-old children; 42,000 vaccines destroyed,” he said.

“Now we have no replacement for those in the country where UNICEF is trying to replace those at the moment.

“The people who do those sorts of acts don’t belong in our society, they belong behind bars. I’ m looking forward to the arrest of those people and that they get to see the full force of the law,” Dr Hamblin added.

He thanked all development partners and countries in the region who supported the Emergency Disaster Restoration Team.

“We wholeheartedly thank them for the support they’ve put in, without them, the scale of disaster would have been much worse, people could have died needlessly,” Dr Hamblin further added.


Sally Pokiton