Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT Dept Calls For Full Digitization

The Office for the ICT Secretary, Steven Matainaho says, “In the last two years, the Department of ICT, through the ministerial leadership of Rainbo Paita and Timothy Masiu, have worked towards establishing a mandate and enacting enforcement mechanisms for a digital government.”

The Digital Transformation Policy was endorsed in 2020 followed by the enactment of the Digital Government Act in 2022.

Last week the Department of ICT released the draft Digital Government Plan 2023 – 2027 (draft Plan).


This NEC approved decision no. 101/2021 signifies the drawdown of powers in accordance with the Sharp Agreement signed on 13 May 2021, which ensures the National Government and ABG consult to implement ongoing transition plans.

ABG Minister for TSTCA, Dr. Joseph Kim Swuamaru said the MoU signing marks a critical phase as both governments move forward.

He said, “I cans sense the credibility, the trustworthiness of the Papua New Guinea Government to take this step forward.”