Correctional Service acting Commissioner

K10,000 for national library

The funds were given in response to a pledge made by the Correctional Service (CS) during a fundraising dinner hosted by the National Library and Archives earlier this month.

Presenting the cheque was Correctional Service Acting Commissioner, Michael Mosiri.

“We are happy to have a connection with the National Library and Archives. In a way, we want to help bring knowledge into correctional institutions by setting up libraries within the institutions, to help educate our prison population with the knowledge that they cannot acquire through other means except by reading.”

Leave of absence reinstated for prisoners

However, it will only apply to low risk prisoners with genuine reasons.

Last year a ban was put on the leave of absence and an enquiry called after prisoners were found to be serving their prison terms out of jail and in hospitals with some even attending university for studies.

“There was an enquiry that was done on the leave of absence,” said Correctional Service acting Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis.