PNG-China interactions to increase

O’Neill who was represented by Minister for Sports and National Events Justin Tkatchenko made those remarks at the official hand-over ceremony of the International Convention Centre by the government of the People’s Republic of China to PNG recently in Port Moresby.

O’Neill said soon we expect to announce the first regular commercial flights between Papua New Guinea and China.

“We will be inviting Chinese tourists to come to Papua New Guinea, and we will see more of our students travel to China.”

iPhone 7? You're fired!

These are the measures which a small number of Chinese employers are threatening to take against workers tempted by the iPhone 7.

It might not be immediately obvious why a mobile phone would arouse such animosity - this isn't a protest against the lack of a traditional headphone jack socket.

The firms issuing the anti-iPhone edicts are claiming they are doing it for patriotic reasons or to dissuade staff from becoming too materialistic.

Chinese fishermen killed in S Korea coastguard clash

The men, who were suspected of illegal fishing, were caught in the blaze after the coastguard officers threw a "flashbang" or stun grenade into part of their boat where they were hiding.

It is believed they died of smoke inhalation, an official said, and an autopsy has been ordered.

Fourteen other fishermen survived and are being questioned by authorities.

The incident began when a coastguard vessel identified the fishing boat in South Korean waters, and ordered it to stop for inspection.

Glass loos with a view open in China

The loos, near Shiyan Lake in southern Hunan province, have fabulous views of both the forest below and other people using the facilities.

Cubicle walls, even those between the men's and women's sections, are only separated by lightly frosted glass.

But state media said few visitors dared use the loos on their opening day.

Dozens missing in landslides as Typhoon Megi batters China

One landslide happened about 5 p.m. local time (5 a.m. ET) in Sucun village in Suichang County. Twenty-six residents are missing, Xinhua reported.

Another landslide took place in Baofeng village in Wencheng County. Six people went missing when a landslide buried their homes, Xinhua said.

Megi made landfall earlier Wednesday in mainland China's Fujian province, less than 24 hours after it devastated Taiwan.

Four people died and at least 524 were injured in Taiwan after the powerful storm slammed into the island's northeastern coastline Tuesday afternoon.

US slaps sanctions on Chinese firm over North Korea ties

Dandong Hongxiang is accused of acting on behalf of a North Korean bank that is on a UN sanctions list to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

The sanctions come after North Korea sparked a global outcry this month byconducting its fifth nuclear test.

The engineering company and its bosses are also under investigation by Chinese authorities.

Japan scrambles jets over China flights along Miyako Straits

The planes, thought to be bombers, surveillance planes and one fighter jet, flew along the Miyako Straits, between Okinawa and Miyakojima.

China said about 40 of its aircraft had been involved in what it said was a routine drill.

The planes did not cross into Japanese airspace, but the move is being seen as a show of force by China.

It comes one week after Japan said it would take part in joint training exercises with the US navy in the South China Sea.

China aims to build bond through sports

The championship was held at the Rita Flyn netball complex in Port Moresby.

President of the PNG table Tennis George Shao applauds the presence of the Chinese Ambassador to Papua New Guinea Li Ruiyou at the complex on Sunday as he spoke highly of the relationship that Chinese government and PNG government can construct through sports.

Shao said, as Table Tennis is one of the highly competitive sports in China and Papua New Guineans have shown great interest in the game which saw different age groups and gender have come to participate.

Vanuatu, PNG students unite to celebrate 41st independence in China

In a first-of-its-kind event, the 30 students from the Southeast University in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, gathered last Saturday (Sept 17) and proudly raised the PNG flag.

President of the Nanjing PNG Students Association, Yol Donigi, told Loop PNG that happiness and joy pervaded the atmosphere.

“They were really proud, raising their country's flag with our PNG flag to celebrate our 41st independence. Their student rep said it was a great pleasure to be part of the celebration in China, representing their government and their country,” said Donigi.

'Lose virginity' drink in China sparks debate

Four Loko, a fruit-flavoured alcoholic beverage with at least 12% alcohol content, was a well-known party drink in the US, and was removed from stores in several states until its ingredients were adjusted.

It's picked up steam in recent months in China, with people nicknaming it the "lose virginity" drink because they consider the alcohol to be dangerously strong.

Several vloggers have uploaded videos of themselves drinking the 695ml cans of drink - with varying degrees of success.