Assistant Commissioner of Police Peter Guinness

ACP responds to Yama’s comments

He made this statement in response to Madang Governor Peter Yama’s comment that Madang police could have dealt with the re-arrest of the eight individuals implicated in the misappropriation of monies belonging to the Manam Resettlement Authority. 

Eight officials – four from the Madang Provincial Administration and another four from the Madang Provincial Government’s business arm, Ramu Development Foundation – were recently re-arrested and charged for conspiring to defraud the State of K6 million.

Promoted police officers confused with new roles

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Peter Guinness, revealed that their attitude always reflects their previous ranks.

“Once a constable is promoted to the rank of a First Constable, Senior, Sergeant or a chief Sergeant, they still think and act like their previous rank.

“They should think and act or be responsible for the rank they wear. This is one of the impediments to seeing changes in discipline,” Guinness said when co-chairing the police discipline symposium last Tuesday in Kimbe, West New Britain.