Anne-Sophie Hermann

BbP signs new partnership agreement

Yasmine Chatila Zwahlen - Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, and Special Envoy of Switzerland for the Pacific Region signed the new agreement with BbP Founder Anne-Sophie Hermann in Canberra recently.

The new agreement will be to a support Swiss Foundation NGO based in EHP, with capacity development training for their school-teachers. 

The training will be in BbP’s highly efficient Early Childhood Development program and School Library management.

Globes fly high

With the theme: “Reading: It makes a world of difference”, children and donors were engaged in learning about the world, including BbP ambassador Lynda Babao O’Neill.

"BbP believes that literacy is more important than it ever was, in this world of text and email, and of written information,” says Anne-Sophie Hermann, BbP founder, chair and Canberra Office director.