SP Hunters go down 22-38

The SP PNG Hunters went down 22-38 to the Central Queensland Capras yesterday evening at Browne Park.

The Capras drew first blood two minutes into the game with a try through Maipele Morseau.

Connor Broadhurst lined up near the sideline and with the wind behind him, found his mark to extend their lead by 6 points.

10 minutes into the round 24 clash and Wartovo Puara Jnr managed to ground a loose ball off the foot of captain Ase Boas.

Unfortunately, Watson Boas’ kick was wide off mark.

5 minutes later and the Capras responded with another try through winger Chanel Seigafo, who fleeted past a huddle of confused Hunters defenders for his team’s second try.

This time, Broadhurst was unable to make his conversion count, leaving the scores at 10-4.

However, the Capras were on a roll as once again, Seigafo flew over the visitors’ line.

It was now 16-4 after Broadhurst’s conversion.

Without missing a beat, the home side scored two more consecutive tries.

It was 28-4 until captain Ase Boas weaved past Capras defenders for a much-needed try right before half-time.

Younger sibling Watson this time converted the try for a 28-10 score.

A return from second half saw Thompson Teteh back-pedal over the Capras’ line for his team’s third try of the match.

Watson Boas converted for a 28-16 result.

51 minutes into the match and the Capras spread the Hunters defence thin before Bill Cullen dashed towards one of the spaces for his second try of the match.

Broadhurst further put his team in front with a successful conversion.

The SP Hunters were now trailing by 18 points.

Thankfully, the younger Boas managed to slot in a try to close the ever-widening score margin.

Watson then converted the try himself for a 34-22 outcome.

The SP Hunters desperately needed to close the gap but unfortunately for them, things did not go in their favour as two penalties were awarded to the hosts for infringements.

The defending premiers’ winning streak came to end at Browne Park on the evening of August 25th.


Carmella Gware