Senior kickboxers return to the ring

Two of PNG’s Professional Kickboxers, Alex ‘The Holly Warrior’ Warogop and Maurice ‘The Ice Man’ Terry will return to the Kickboxing square after spending over eight and 10 years respectively off the ring.

With this incredible comeback, the experienced kickboxers want the junior fighters to learn from them as they take the bout in the Southern Regional Championship in preparation for the National Championship and eventually, the World Cup in Spain in June 2024.

Maurice ‘The Ice Man’ Terry said he is happy to be back taking the ring. He wants the junior fighters to learn from his fight with Alex ‘The Holly Warrior’ Warogop because that is the standard of fight at the international level.

The Ice Man said, “Coming back to the ring after 10 years of being out; for me, it’s a comeback match. Alex and I will be fighting in the main event to display the level of competition and skills to influence and encourage upcoming young fighters, that this is the level of fight they should expect.

“The young fighters should be looking forward to that level of fight as well as increasing their understanding in the sport because it is a selection process leading up to the world event.”

Meanwhile, his opponent, The Holy Warrior, expressed gratitude to be back at the ring. He looks forward to the fight to allow the young ones to experience real kickboxing.

President of the PNG Kick Boxing Federation and Kickboxing hero, Stanley Nandex said the experience of the two professional fighters on the ring is something special for the young aspiring boxers as they fight to secure their place for the national championship.

Their bout will be the main event at the Southern Regional Kickboxing Championship on 3rd March 2024 at the Bomana Correctional Service College, Port Moresby. 

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