Second match for Tony Elly Cup tomorrow

The second match (50 over fixture) of the Tony Elly Cup between Motuan Hawks and the Central-Koita Eagles is scheduled for 10am tomorrow at Amini Park, Port Moresby.

Both sides boast formidable line-ups with their batsmen firing for their clubs in the ITI Premier Trophy competition.

Most notably, three centuries have been scored respectively by Assad Vala, Hiri Hiri (Swire Shipping Hoods) and Vani Vagi Morea (IBS Poreporena).

Lega Siaka (Dulux United) also came close over the weekend with a quick fire 92 off 57 balls.

The bowling departments are quite even with Hawks boasting several in-form pace bowlers.

Mea Nao and Timothy Mou have been leading the attack well for Swire Shipping Hoods and will be tested by the Eagles.

Leg spinners Vagi Boko (IBS Poreporena) and Raho Sam (Pure Water Raukele) have been devastating with the ball for their teams and are expected to trouble the Eagles line-up with the assistance of the experienced Mahuru Dai (Dulux United)

The Eagles pace duo of Norman Vanua and Nosaina Pokana will lead the attack with upcoming youngster, Iamo Mape (Big Rooster Kempa).

Mape has been outstanding for the men from Kalo and has the opportunity to develop his game further this weekend.

With only a three man pace attack, Eagles will be relying on their spinners who have been a handful for batsman in the ITI competition. 

Eagles have a lot to work if they are to level the series and will rely heavily on their batting to get them through.

Hawks on the other hand, boast an all-round team that is capable of scoring big and is backed up by the pace bowlers and some exciting young spinners.

Troy Taule