Puma to fuel Hunters into 2020

Puma Energy will fuel the SP Hunters for another two years after putting pen to paper today renewing its sponsorship agreement with the PNG Rugby Football League.

General Manager Strategy and External Affairs, Hulala Tokome said Puma’s sponsorship since its inception in 2014 leading up to 2020 will total just under K150, 000.

“We are committed to the country in terms of being able to support and sponsor in various ways especially within our Community Service Responsibility areas of activity in health, education and women and children.

“In this particular case, we continue to support the Hunters. Our sponsorship very much has been in kind for the provision of fuel.

“We wish the Hunters all the best this season.

CEO of the PNGRFL, Reatau Rau thanked Puma Energy for continuing to support the Hunters.

“This really goes a long way in making sure the team and the organization is sustained.

“Puma Energy provides all the fuel that we need for the team. Without them, we can’t go where we want to go.

“While the value of the sponsorships is important, it’s the partnerships that we develop over the years and we value our partnership with Puma. Thank you so much.”

Troy Taule