Panthers set to sack Tyrone May after brain snap of epic proportions

IT’S turned out to be an expensive Instagram post for Penrith player Tyrone May.

By the time it all shakes out it’s expected the Panthers will tear up May’s $250,000 playing contract next week.

The premiers issued May a show cause notice in relation to the errant grand final social media post on Wednesday and the bench player now has seven days to respond.

In the fair dinkum department, what was May thinking when he decided to go off the reservation and try and play the victim card after Penrith’s brilliant grand final triumph?

Talk about ambition exceeding ability.

It was a brain snap of epic proportions and by the time May front the Penrith board next week the smart money says when it’s all over he’s played his last game for the Panthers.

It’s the right decision and the only decision the premiers can make.

What made it even more ridiculous was May’s performance against South Sydney in the grand final.

Hello, it was his best mate Nathan Cleary who won the Clive Churchill Medal with an outstanding finals series and grand final playing with a busted shoulder.

Brian To,o was outstanding, Stephen Crichton outstanding, Jarome Luai outstanding, Isaah Yeo off the charts, Api Korisau brilliant.

May contributed four fifths of bugger all to the grand final victory - two runs for 11m, six tackles and one error.

He should be thanking his teammates for carrying him to a premiership ring rather than going on with the rap music jibber jabber on Instagram.

Does he need a reminder when the Panthers had half their starting side on State of Origin duty this year he was the halfback when Penrith were beaten 26-6 by Wests Tigers at Leichhardt Oval?

May has been treading the most tightly-wound of tight ropes ever since narrowly avoiding jail a couple of years ago and it appears he’s now about to get his receipt.

Will May find another club in the NRL? Surely no one will be silly enough.


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James Hooper, Fox Sports Australia