Kumuls run coaching clinic at Boera

The PNG LNG Kumuls took time off from their World Cup preparations this morning to run a coaching clinic at Boera village in the Central Province.

The players received a warm welcome from the locals with traditional dances and excited students of Boera primary.

Village councillor, Viviene McArthur, expressed her gratitude to ExxonMobil and the PNGRFL for organising the clinic.

“I am aware that such opportunities do not come that easy to our doorsteps,” he said.

“Boera is so privileged to have the Kumuls here today. I am optimistic that your visit will be an inspiration to young boys and girls here and make a positive impact.”

The Kumuls then took to the field to take the students through various drills, which included ball handling, kicking, catching and agility and running.

It got more exciting for the villagers of Boera with the players signing shirts and caps and taking photos.

One of the organisers, Hubert Warupi, said the coaching clinic had gone well.

“It was a great day and the students came out in numbers to attend.

“One aim was to acknowledge Boera as one of the impact villages of the PNG LNG project.

“The other was for the students to see, feel and talk to the players and understand what it takes to be a Kumul and learn about commitment and dedication.

“I was really happy about today.”

Troy Taule