Goodman Fielder Renews Partnerships

Goodman Fielder International (GFI) through their SKEL RICE brand has renewed its partnership with the health, fitness and wellbeing organization, Tru Warrior donating K10,000 in cash and kind yesterday.

This falls under the brand’s Healthy Living and Empowerment pillar. Tru Warrior established in 2012, owned by Tala and Tomasi Kami have maintained a 10-year operation with the continued support of SKEL RICE in previous years with events such as the SKEL RICE Stadium Challenge and the monthly boxing competitions.

“You have exemplified your purpose and inspiring other role models within the community especially during this pandemic where other SMEs in the health and fitness have experienced a multitude of challenges in the last 24 months,” Skel Rice Brand Manager, Nancy Inai told the Tru Warrior owners.

She said GFI as a proud sponsor would continue to sponsor activities that Tru Warriors are doing in the community in encouraging and empowering youths.

Ms Inai said, “This is encouraging healthy living and active lifestyle within the community. It contributes to the development of an individual and the community at large. It aids in keeping our youths occupied, focused and goal orientated, as such we are pleased to support through this sponsorship.

“’Congratulations to the Tru Warrior team, you have exemplified your purpose and are inspiring role models in your community, especially during this pandemic where many SME’s in the health and fitness industry experienced a multitude of challenges in the last 24 months.”

Tru Warrior Co-owner, Tala Kami said the sponsorship will also extend to Goodman Fielder employees to promote healthy living and also inclusive health workplace.

He added that the group had faced many challenges in securing venue for their fitness activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, so much of the time they used open public venues like Ela Beach and South Side Fitness Centre, because other official venues were under lock down.

“We’re down at Ela Beach at 5:30am training till about 6:30-7am. Now with the funding and sponsorship, we will open more community sessions hopefully down at Ela Beach, or other public venues where we can just invite anybody who wants to come and train.”

He explained that their focus is on youth and women especially in self-defense training and boxing.

Tru Warriors’ social and community work has recently embarked into Popondetta, Oro Province running gender-based and self-defense classes.

Frieda Kana