Coconut Husk Innovation in Bougainville

In the Gogohe constituency of Bougainville, local man Mitchell Lahis has taken up coconut husk production.

His family and community are involved in the production process and is passionate about the project after discovering the potential of coconut husk waste. 

Earlier this year, Mr. Lahis registered his company, Gelasabe Corporate Society, with IPA.

Lahis explains that the coconut husks are manually processed with bush knives, canvas for drying the chopped husks, and other vital tools. The husks are then packed into fine grains, and 12 bags weighing 20kg each are produced and is currently in contact with a buyer for the products.

Typically, coconut husks from copra plantations are used as waste for making fire or as plant potting. However, Mr. Lahis has found many useful products from them, such as door mats, yarns, mattresses, pillows, and other useful items.

He believes that such innovative projects will help boost the economy of Bougainville, especially as the region prepares for independence, and create employment opportunities for youths, keeping them away from trouble.

Mr. Lahis is appealing to copra farmers to preserve coconut husks for this project, and he is currently following government procedures to obtain funding for the project.

Loop author