Alu influences youths

PNG Hunters veteran and captain, Ila Alu has become an inspiration and a role model for young boys and girls in his Tokarara community since making the PNG Hunters in 2018.

His passion, humility and charisma to engage with youths in the suburb is overwhelming.

The 27-year-old Simbu-Central mix rocket dynamo, Alu has become the stalwart of the PNG Hunters. 

His love and passion for the game, leadership quality and influence that he brings to the playing group is second to none.

Back in Tokarara, Alu’s passion is not only for rugby league but to be a role model and an agent of change for the younger generation is strong. He trains many youths who play in the Hohola off-season league where he started his early rugby league.

Alu uses his personal experience and the knowledge in the game as a tool to drive change on how youths think, behave and have respect for themselves and society.
He said growing up in a suburb had a lot of downside but amidst negativity, his goal was to make a career out of rugby league. Making the Hunters would be the pinnacle of Alu’s journey, which is the platform he’s using to influence the next generation.

Loop author