Aiton is head coach

Paul Aiton is the newly appointed Head Coach for the SP PNG Hunters.

When making the big announcement today SP PNG Hunters Chairman Stan Joyce said he is excited to see one of PNG’s finest Rugby League products take the helm at the Hunters and help more of our young Papua New Guinean young men to develop and realise their dreams to play overseas.

Aiton was equally excited after today’s announcement and thanked the board for their trust and faith in his coaching resume adding he’s learned a lot from his predecessors and is now ready to step up to the next challenge.

It also marks another stepping stone in his short coaching career.

This announcement of Aiton as head coach and the 40-man training squad is critical and important to the team’s preparation and focus for the upcoming season.

Preparations for the 2024 QRL Hostplus Cup season have already begun and Aiton will oversee an extended squad of 40 players in the opening stages of the preseason. The final SP PNG Hunters 2024 playing squad will be chosen from this group.

The team has retained -20 contracted players from the 2023 season,-19 on train and trial- 6 Junior Kumuls and 4 of trial.

The final SP PNG Hunters 2024 playing squad will be chosen from this group.



Morea MOREA                 Solo WANE                        Brendon NIMA                 Siki KONDEN                    

Joshua LAU                        Jamie MAVOKO                Judah RIMBU                    Epel KAPINIAS                  

Benji KOT                           Sherwin TANABI               Sanny WABO                     Seal KALO

Tommy MOIDE                 Trevor SOLU                      Sakias KOMATI                 Whallan TAU-LOI               

Junior IGILA                       Joshua MIRE                      Junior ROP                         Ila ALU



Douzen HOYATO              Douglas PIRIKA                 Elijah ROLTINGA               Clent LAMA                      

Kevin YAKO                        Zachariah SELU                 Garry JAMES                     Finlay Glare                      

Limbi HENRY                     Junior TALIN                      Atua JOSHUA                    Alex MAX

Jordan PAT                         Anthony WOROT             Norman AKUNAI              Chris URAKUSIE               

Wendle KIPSY                    Ishmael WAINE                 Robert MATHIAS



Reynolds TAI                     Gregan FORMAT              Gabrial KAUPA                  Bruce BAWASE               

Gairo VORO                       Felix BEKI                           Jerry JOE                            Brendan TURI                  

Manash KAI                       Weiayh KO


Having most recently worked alongside Justin Holbrook in the PNG Kumuls dominant Pacific Bowl Championship series, Aiton brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Hunters Head Coach role.

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