Sepik 9s get financial backing

After a successful DigicelExxonMobil Cup season 2023, the Sepik franchise is poised to host another Agmark-Sepik Rugby League 9s to identify talents that will feed the club in the coming years.

Bradley Simon, one of the founders of Sepik Pride, made this remark after receiving a K100, 000 dummy cheque from YFIG Group Ltd to finance the 9s competition.

While expressing his gratitude for the financial support received, Simon quickly pointed out where he wanted to use the money and why.

Simon said the support is not only for the 9s tournament but also stressed the importance of developing the code.

He said developing the technical side of the game is very important, therefore, the portion of the money will be used in upgrading local referees, coaches, trainers and team managers.

Simon added, “We have established Sepik Pride but our backyard needs to be up to standard too. We can't be depending on Sepik Pride when our local leagues don't have good referees, coaches or managers to run the game. That's why this funding is very important as we also look into technical side of building the code in all aspects.”

The event will host two Digicel Cup referees in Wewak, a week early before the tournament kicks off. Coaches from Agmark and Sepik Pride will also be running a week refresher to regroup leagues referees and club coaches and upskill their standard. This is to make sure all the local match officials are on the same page with new rules.

This is expected to change and improve the standard of rugby league in the Sepik Region; and, supply the EMK Sepik Pride with talents as the franchise thrive in the Digiciel ExxonMobil Cup competition.

The Agmark – Sepik 9s tourney kicks off in November 2023.

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