​China commits to addressing climate change

China is very committed to dealing with climate change, as part of its strategy to develop a green economy.

Deputy Director-General of the Information Department at the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Xining, said China has taken a lot of measures to address global warming.

These include penalising enterprises violating the environment protection law in order to bring up a more sustainable economic development module.

Xining explained during a dialogue with Asia Pacific journalists that China has stressed out innovative ways to put the green elements into the economic growth.

The journalists from 11 countries, including Papua New Guinea, are in China as part of the 2017 Jefferson Fellowships program organised by the East-West Center based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Xining said: “We are happy to work with the other members of the international community, particularly with the United States in promoting the climate change course after the Paris Agreement.”

Xining highlighted that there is still cooperation going on between China and the U.S on the climate change front.

Last year when the G20 was held, the U.S and China presidents jointly attended a ceremony handing their national plans to the United Nations for dealing with climate change.

China and the U.S have already identified four parallel dialogues, one of which includes climate change. 

“At the government level, we still have dialogue and cooperation is ongoing. It’s up to relevant departments to specify the measures.

“Climate change is a challenge to everyone so there’s no way back.”

Xining added that China will push forward and hopes that the U.S will push forward as well on the climate change agenda following the election of President Donald Trump.

He said there are a lot of things both countries can do together, particularly with the largest two economies in the world.

Quintina Naime