Green economy

​China commits to addressing climate change

Deputy Director-General of the Information Department at the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Xining, said China has taken a lot of measures to address global warming.

These include penalising enterprises violating the environment protection law in order to bring up a more sustainable economic development module.

Xining explained during a dialogue with Asia Pacific journalists that China has stressed out innovative ways to put the green elements into the economic growth.

Yamuna: PNG needs to develop a green economy

A green economy aims at reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, and that aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment.

Newly appointed acting managing director of Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA), Ruel Yamuna said CCDA must be the vehicle for PNG’s green economy by creating a pathway for developing a carbon-neutral economy.

These include introducing clean energy like generating solar energy, wind energy and hydropower and using bio fuel.