Youth empowered with Sustainable Skills

Transitioning from high school or further education into employment can be a daunting experience for young people, especially in today's competitive job market.

It's crucial to set oneself apart from other potential candidates to secure success, and during this phase, having support not only builds self-confidence but also fosters capable and active citizens.

Project Yumi Inc's Project Wok program aims to empower Papua New Guinean youth with sustainable skills to create the foundation they need for a successful future. Through this program, young people can gain the confidence and capabilities necessary to succeed in their careers and contribute to their communities.

IEA College of TAFE hosted students from Marianville Secondary School and Badihagwa Technical Secondary School at their Ela Beach Campus for the first Project Wok Program of 2023. The College generously pledged its support by opening up its four computer training labs for the program.

Grade 12 students from participating schools used the labs to gain important practical experience in writing resumes, building job search strategies, and writing job application letters, which will be invaluable once they complete their education.

Dr William Pedley, Manager of the IEA College of TAFE Ela Beach Campus, expressed his delight in supporting such an important educational initiative and showcasing the College's facilities.

Volunteer mentors from corporate sponsor Credit Corporation and the Young Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry guide the students through practical and experimental learning activities, while volunteer facilitators from Project Yumi Inc and Credit Corporation teach the program content.

Project Yumi Inc will provide important skills training to over 360 participants this year through its Project Wok 2023 Program. Additionally, the organization is expanding the reach of its youth empowerment initiative by introducing a community-based program.

The Project Wok program is designed to equip Grade 12 students with job search strategies and employability skills to help them transition from school to work. The program also aims to offer work experience and internship opportunities for program graduates.

The success of the Project Wok 2023 Program would not be possible without the generous support of IEA College TAFE, the Young Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce, and corporate sponsor Credit Corporation.

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