Youth allegedly assaulted, killed by PNGDF: MP

A 20-year-old youth allegedly died after some members of the PNG Defence Force assaulted him at Wipim village, South Fly District of Western Province, in early October.

Member for North Fly District, James Donald, during “question without notice” today in Parliament, told the Defence Minister that PNGDF personnel manning the border have been accused of killing the youth, whose body is now in the morgue.

“Askim blo mi i go lo Minista em sapos Minista yu i save. Mipla i laikim sampla investigeisen i mas kamap na tokim mipla tru sapol ol disla ol lo enfosing bodi kain olsem Difens, mipla ting ol bai lukautim kantri tasol ol i go mekim disla wok, mipla i no hamamas.” (My question is to the Minister, if you are aware. We want an investigation into this incident and tell us if these law enforcing bodies like Defence, who we thought would take care of the country but instead, resort to this. We are not happy.)

In response, Defence Minister Saki Soloma apologised to the people of Western Province, saying he was not aware of the incident.

“They are highly-trained and when they carry out their functions, they are supposed to execute their functions as per expectations, for example, to take care of the border and respect people and properties along the border,” responded Minister Soloma.

The Minister told Donald to send him the report so he can make sure they take action.

“Military personnel involved in this incident we’ll ensure they are terminated from the force.”

(Article by Jim John – third year UPNG Journalism student; Picture of North Fly MP, James Donald) 


Jim John