WSP locals want road improvement

Locals in West Sepik Province have called on the provincial government to look into improving the road system throughout the Province in the New Year.

They say the maintenance of roads will have a positive impact on the lives of people.

Alexia Api and Anna Bupi from Osima Village outside of Vanimo City said the road from their LLG into Vanimo Town is unusable.

She said locals are forced to use a nearby river to transport their produce for selling however, this creates further problems.

Other residents from as far as Aitape district said traveling to the provincial hub is very costly.

John Wombun and Leo Royke from Aitape West LLG said the transporting their goods by road is relatively cheap however, the bad road conditions force them use boats, which is twice as high.

Meanwhile, West Sepik Governor Tony Wouwou announced in September this year that roads will be a priority for 2018 onwards.

He said priority is the Nuku to Aitape Road and Aitape to Vanimo Road and later to connect Telefomin to Vanimo.

Governor Wouwou also announced his support to the Small and Medium Enterprise sector.

This will be through the availability of money through institutions such as the National Development Bank for locals to borrow.

Cedric Patjole