WNB in second place in NEFC rating

West New Britain has made an exceptional jump from being in 21st place out of 22 provinces to locking in at 2nd place as per the National Economic Fiscal Commission (NEFC) assessment according to the Minimum Priority Activities (MPA).

This rating is in assessment of spending according to budget in ensuring that key priorities for each sector is achieved and development key factors are realized.

Provincial Administrator, Williamson Hosea said this has been a great achievement under the good governance of Governor Sasindran Muthuvel who is a visionary leader.
This came to light during a recent gathering at Malalia in the Hoskins LLG.

He heaped praise on the Governor for his persistence in seeing that his key policies are achieved and urged his people to appreciate the development that have been changing the face of the province.

Speaking during the same occasion, Muthuvel thanked the Church based organizations for the pivotal role that they have played in the development of the province and the nation apart from its major role of encouraging spiritual development.

"It is very vital to build human character before we build infrastructure," said Muthuvel.

He revealed that there have been approximately K300 million worth of infrastructure built over the last 4 years but countless infrastructure cannot amount to the value of character building.

"We have to learn to respect our mother's and not undermine their values because that is the first recipe to destroying our nation or any civilization for that matter, the second means to destroying the nation is to disrespect education by damaging our infrastructure and undermining our teachers.

The third recipe of destroying the nation is by undermining our elders and leaders and role models to the point that they lose their value.

"We are proud to have witnessed a record level of growth over the last 10 years and this wouldn't have eventuated without the generous gesture by our donor agencies such as Asian Development Bank (ADB) and JICA who had faith in West New Britain and its credibility to embrace development," he said.

Becky Marum